Day 1: Geneva, Switzerland

It’s about 9pm here, 3pm at home in New England and we are exhausted! After checking into the hotel this morning, we took the tram into Geneva’s city center. The T has got nothing on the Switz tram; it was clean, efficient and on time! We had heard that Geneva was a clean city, and that rang very true. We wandered around for a while and checked out the waterfront and the Jet d’Eau which is a waterspout that reaches up to 140 meters in height. We saw a family of little ducklings by the waters edge and it brought back memories of our Turtle Pond duck families.  We took the above picture of the spout. It was truely beautiful.

Next we ventured up to the St. Pierre Cathedral which is best known as the church where John Calvin gave his inspiring sermons during the mid-16th century. To say it was breathtaking is an understatement. The intricate stone work was a marvel and the stained glass windows gorgeous. We were in complete awe just thinking about what it would have taken at that time in age to build such a massive building.

Finally we decided to test out some of the local fare. We ventured into several chocolate stores and tasted some of the swiss specialties. There were quite a few American stores in Geneva, H&M, Lacoste, and Tommy Hilfiger among others. Don’t worry Dad, we stayed out of them for the most part. We took a side trip into McDonalds because Chrissy had heard that the European versions had different menu items. The menu was similar, perhaps only having more salad and wrap options, however the decor was a drastic change. This McDonalds had more of a trendy Panera feeling to it than a true American McDonalds. We were both very shocked at the number of scooter owners/drivers that inhabit this city. They were everywhere and seem like one of the most popular forms of transportation here.

After a long day of walking up and down the hill that Geneva sits on, we took the tram back towards our hotel. There’s a HUGE grocery store right near it so we decided to go play Super Market Sweep. This place was amazing. I would love to have grocery stores this large and clean in the States. The aisles were huge and there was no one bumping into your cart or running over your toes. Mom would have loved the great selection of items there. We even found Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and some Sam Adams beer. We bought a Local cheese selection plate, some grapes and crackers and salmon and shrimp canapes and had a feast on the beds of our room.

We’re heading to bed early tonight since we’re off to Milan and Piacenza in the morning! Can’t wait to see what else we find along the way.

PS- Dad and Buckwheat you better make sure my Bruins win tonight!!

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One Response to Day 1: Geneva, Switzerland

  1. June Simmons says:

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous time! I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Daddy and Ryan went to the game. We’ll let you knw the outcome. Have fun! Love, Mom

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