Day 2: Milan and Piacenza

We were up bright and early this morning taking the EuroRail from Geneva to Milan. It was a long but really pretty trip through the Alps with a few stops along the way. The Eurorail was quite the experience, people brought everything from dogs to bikes onto the train and apparently they sell standing room tickets, so while the train was full, people were just standing in the aisles. Pretty choatic, especailly when half way through the trip we figured out we were in the wrong car, and had to move 1 up. Whoops.

The Milan train station was a complete zoo. We eventually found a bank outside of it with an ATM and got our Euros. Then we took a shuttle bus from Milan to the Malpensa airport and then caught a shuttle from the airport to our hotel. We checked in and then headed to find our ancestors in Piacenza.

Piacenza is a beautiful town that is exactly what you would picture a small town in Italy to be. It had several small parks and a city square with a few old churchs and many different statues. We wandered around for a few hours and saw no one who looked like us. We stuck out like sore thumbs and got a whole lot of looks and a few marriage proposals. We learned that it is pronounced pi-chen-za and that people there tend to ride bicycles and mopeds or go speeding down the narrow one way streets in their mini cars.

Finally we headed back to Milan and then our hotel. We’re beyond exhausted and heading to bed now, we’ll post some pictures tomorrow. Off to Rome early in morning for our tour!

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One Response to Day 2: Milan and Piacenza

  1. June Simmons says:

    The Briuns won! Daddy and Ryan had lots of fun at the game. Boston was going crazy!
    Have a safe trip to Rome!

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