Tour time!

After a long day in Milan and Piacenza we headed down to Rome. It was a quick flight from Milan to Rome and the airline was similar to Southwest, just a whole lot more chaotic. It was packed full and although it was a short flight, we were on a large plane. Once we got to Rome, we had to take a train from the airport; which is a good hour outside of the city. Then from the train we took a bus to our hotel. It was quite the experience to say the least and I think it’s safe to say that we have mastered public transportation around Italy at this point. We got to our hotel and eventually checked in and had our orientation meeting. There are 42 people on our tour and they’re from everywhere from Australia to Canada. All speak English luckily.

We did orientation and paperwork then were set off on our own for dinner. We walked around for a little while, exploring the area and had a quick dinner at a local cafe. Apparently everyone eats dinner much later in the evening here… more like 8pm than our normal 6pm. Throughout the day we had seen numerous people wearing pink shirts, scarves and hats. They were everywhere and we finally figured out that it was in support of the local University soccer team who was playing. They were a pretty rowdy and excitable crowd. We headed to bed shortly after late dinner, as we had a 6:15am wake up call. Here are a few pictures we took from the Eurorail trip through the Alps

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One Response to Tour time!

  1. June Simmons says:

    Great pictures!!! We need one of the both of you , perhaps holding up the tower of
    Pisa? Love Dad

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