The Isle of Capri

The isle of Capri is located in the bay of Naples, it’s a 30 min high speed ferry ride from downtown Sorrento. Once we got onto there we took a private boat tour around the island. Our first stop was the infamous Blue Grotto. Pictures cannot do justice for this grotto. It’s a small cave that you can only enter when the tide is low and through a small opening. We got into rowboats and had to lay down going into the Grotto because it was such a low entry. Once inside the grotto we saw the luminescent blue water which makes the grotto so famous. It literally looked like it was glowing in the dark, as the rest of the cave was pitch black. There were about 7 rowboats inside of the grotto at once and we spent about 5-6 minutes in there. The men rowing us through began singing and it echoed creating a beautiful song. Here are a few pictures from the grotto.

squished into our little rowboat before going into the Grotto

Although the blue grotto was definitely the highlight of the boat tour, we also got to see the whole island from the water which was really neat. We passed through the “Lovers acrch” and went for a swim at one of the rocky beaches. There is only 1 sand beach on the island, however the rocks on the rocky beach were so smooth and small that they were just as comfortable as a sandy beach. The water was cool, but not freezing. Oddly enough we didn’t spot any fish or crabs or shells in the water.

The island is also home to 2 other grottos, the green and the white. These were more open and our larger tour boat could go into them. We also saw a lighthouse up on a cliff which dad would have been very excited to see.

lighthouse for dad

green grotto

After the boat tour, we had a few hours to wander around the town of Capri. We took a cable car up the steep incline to the main village of Capri. It’s mostly all high end luxury shops and restaurants downtown. We grabbed some lunch and then went to see the Gardens of Augustus. The view from the Gardens, which are located on top of a cliff, were breathtaking.

Via krupp leading to the gardens

capri street lined with shops

After a long day of fun in the sun on Capri, we took the high speed ferry back to Sorrento. We shopped around a bit and taste tested the various types of Limoncello. Tomorrow we head to Florence

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