We’re in the fashion capital of the world!! Today was really overcast and rainy, so we started off the morning by going to the Sforzesco Castle. Currently it is home to a museum with an art collection which includes Michelangelo’s last (unfinished) sculpture, the Rondanini Pieta, Andrea Mantegna’s Trivulzio Madonna and Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Trivulzianus manuscript. This museum was one of our favorites so far. It was not overly large, however the castle itself was part of the museum, since the walls and ceilings were all painted. In each room we were given a paper describing what was in the room and a brief history of it… in ENGLISH! None of the museums or galleries in Florence had this and if I could write them a suggestion, it would be to include that in the future!

Da Vinci


Next we went to the Milan Duomo, the main cathedral in Milan. It is magnificent. The Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete. It is the fourth largest cathedral in the world and by far the largest in Italy.

We had sushi for lunch, at Armani. It was delicious and a good change from the constant flow of pastas and breads here. After lunch we walked through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which has a ton of shops and is home to the famous bull mosaic. The tradition goes that placing your right heel on the bull’s balls and then spinning around inside the Turin emblem, brings good luck.


After the bull and some shopping, we walked through Milan to the old Medieval part and saw one of the churches. It was a drastic difference than the cathedral. Much simpler for sure. We had a group dinner tonight and had some risotto which is a specialty in Milan, as well as some veal (or eggplant) Parmesan. Yummy!

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