We had some quality bus time today… 7 hours to be exact. Our drive took us from Venice to Rome. We stopped twice for bathroom and food and watched ‘The Italian Job’ which was filmed partly in Venice. Once we got to our Rome hotel we headed out on a walking tour of the city with our guide. We stopped at the Spanish Steps (they call it a square not steps here), the Pantheon, the Senate building, the Trevi Fountain and many more places. Our guide tried to convince us that locals use the steps as their meeting place of origin if they want to go out with friends, but we found this very hard to believe since the steps are covered with tourists sitting on them and taking pictures. The Spanish embassy is around the corner and apparently the designer,Valentino lives there as well.

The Trevi fountain was beautiful. The legend is that if you throw a coin into the fountain it means you will return to Rome. If you throw a second coin then you will find your true love. We threw in several dollars worth just to be safe. haha

The Parthenon was amazing as well. It’s massive. The roof has a giant hole in the middle, which was put there to collect rain water.

Tomorrow is our last day with our tour. It seems like we have done 3 months worth of sightseeing in only 2 weeks. The time has flown by and we haven’t completely absorbed it all quite yet!

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  1. Sarah Baxter says:

    That fountain picture is just too cute!!!! =)

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